Okay, I know these playlists are kind of long.

Although, I am NOT sorry. 🙂 Music helps me focus, gives me rhythm, provides atmosphere and mood. And I am ALWAYS adding new songs to the playlists even after the book is written.

If you know anything about me, then you know music is a huge part of my writing process. Each song is a part of the story in some way. The rhythms, and the beats and the mood, and the tone as well as the lyrics has an effect on the prose or the feel of each scene. Because I can’t include the songs for each scene, I let myself kind of indulge a little bit, listing songs that I really love and listen to a hundred times over and over and over again.

Listen closely to the lyrics though. Most songs I pick are according to the lyrics and how I envision what the hero and/or heroine is feeling in the moment. Each book has a specific blog post where I go into more detail about where I draw inspiration from and will list which songs fit that book’s specific main characters. The book blog posts are a great way to get a little extra in your book reading.

You will see some of these artists or songs in the playlists of other books of mine, and chances are a few of them will find their way into books yet to be written. 

I listen to these playlists quite often throughout my book writing process.  I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do! I encourage you to roll the windows down, crank that volume up, and get totally lost in the vibe. Odds are, I’m somewhere doing exactly the same thing and dreaming up a brand new story.

AND AS ALWAYS, the music is the sole property of the copyright holder/artist represented and I extend my thanks to each and every musician listed for helping to inspire me with their amazing talent.

Hell’s Warrior
Hell’s Guardian
Hell’s Fury
Seduced By The Prince
Found By The Prince
Loved By The Prince
Saved By The Prince
Forbidden Desire
Captive Heart