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“As I sit here contemplating who this mysterious person really is, I am eager to learn more about him. I was a little apprehensive about scheduling this meeting. Scared doesn’t describe what I am feeling, there are so many not so good stories and rumors about him. In the interview, he was smooth, yet in some instances, he was a real jerk. Well maybe not a complete jerk, it’s just that he had a hard time speaking about feelings and personal stuff. And OGM was he hot to look at.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. Neither could all of the girls that passed us at the table. But then, he couldn’t keep his eyes off them either. There was one lady whose butt he slapped, I think she liked it. I could easily tell he had an amazing sexual appeal, everything he said was sensual and the way he would look at the women who were barely dressed. It’s like he was devouring them with his eyes.

Anyhow, let’s get back to the interview. It started out really well, then things started to go sour when I got a little personal where he seemed really uncomfortable talking about.”

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Interview with Liam Dark

  1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname? Liam Dark or “the devil”, “satin”, “prince of darkness” and others … pick whatever you want. I don’t care.
  2. When were you born? 300 years ago.
  3. What is your occupation? When my dad, Lucifer, left Hell, I became its new ruler. I also own a night club in LA that I frequent quite often when I decide I have had enough of Hell.
  4. What is your horoscope sign? Scorpio
  5. Do you like to read? No, I find it a waste of time.
  6. Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? I smoke cigars and drink alcohol because I like its taste. They don’t affect me like they do humans. I don’t get drunk, I don’t get high.
  7. How do you deal with pain? I don’t experience pain, I find people who try to elicit pain on me, boring, useless, and soon dead.
  8. What did you eat for breakfast? I didn’t have breakfast, I slept in. I don’t do mornings, I find them unproductive. I work mostly evenings and nights, this allows me to sleep in.  In Hell, we don’t sleep, it doesn’t exist.  
  9. Do you like to cook? No, I have people that do it for me.
  10. Do you have any physical traits that stand out? Two beautiful horns on my head, when I am provoked they come out. DON’T PROVOKE ME!  Respect me, the man and who I am!
  11. Who are your friends and what are they like? Nezzera is my right-hand worker and faithful confidant and leader of the demons. She has been by my side for the past 123 years. I wouldn’t mess with her, she doesn’t need a reason to kick your ass.
  12. Do you hold the door open for the person behind you or do you let it go and slam in their face?  If its a guy, you can bet I will let it slap them in the fucking face. If it’s a woman, well let’s just say … she’ll get more than the door being held open.
  13. When did you have your first kiss and with whom? Many, many years ago, her name was Florence.
  14. What is the evilest thing you have ever done? None of your fucking business. I am the devil, what do you think.
  15. Do you have a criminal record? Yes, but it’s not on record.Liam Dark Interview for Hell's Warrior
  16. What is your biggest secret? Does anyone else know about this? It wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I told you. But if you must know…I am the devil, I rule hell. I spend time on earth in the city of angels to getaway.
  17. Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?  Yes, any chance I get, if you deserve it. It calms me.
  18. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?  Fuck…absolutely not!
  19. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings in the company of others? I don’t have feelings.
  20. Do you have a spouse or significant other? What the fuck is this? I am a man with no time for a relationship. My significant other is any female in my bed.  You really need to come up with better questions, than these.
  21. What is the quality you most like in women? Her body…if that can be considered quality.
  22. Have you ever been in love?  Love … WHAT THE HELL …your kidding right? Love … IT doesn’t exist!
  23. Do you tend to argue with people or avoid conflict? Arguments come from people not listening to me. What I say goes…if you can’t handle it..get the hell out!
  24. Do you care what others think of you? Why or why not? I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if I cared what people thought.


I hope you enjoyed this rather ODD interview. I don’t think it went very well.

If you would like to get an idea of Liam’s musical taste. Here is his personal playlist. You will need a Spotify account to listen to his playlist.
Check back … he’s always updating it….go figure…


What’s on Liam Dark’s Playlist for Hell’s Warrior
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