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What is art if it can’t be free? I don’ t want to feel like I have to be restricted in my freedom of expression; this is why I choose to wholeheartedly write in different genres.  ― Elle Rosse


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Here is a listing of all my books. Curl up and let your mind wander reading one of 
these hot + steamy reads.


Forbidden Desire by Elle Rosse


My gift for you. Learn how Roy and Dana find love in an unforeseen entanglement
of desire and jealousy.


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Music can be moving. Take your reading to the next level by listening to a playlist of inspired music for each book. 

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New Series Coming Soon!

A Dark Hell

Book 1: Hell’s Warrior – Available July 2020

When all hell breaks loose on Cornethius, the Prince of Darkness has to take matters into his own hands if he intends to save what is left of the
immortal realm.

Book 2: Hell’s Guardian –  Available November 2020

When Liam learns that the corrupt Cornithians are out to kill the only living heir, he does everything he can to keep her safe. What happens, changes 
his world forever.

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