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Are you ready to set your insides on fire with fiery + sensual romantic stories?

Let me introduce these masculine alpha males who talk rough + raspy and their sweet + sexy heroines.

What are you waiting for?

“I love tough alpha males who are completely OBSESSED with their women. They never succumb to their EVIL counterparts but are instead brought to their knees by the feisty, SINCERE LOVE of the woman in their life – it’s the perfect match.”

— Elle Rosse

You Are Now Entering My Dark World

WARNING:  The world I have conjured in my head is dark and filled with life-altering experiences. Only proceed if you are ready to transgress into this atmosphere. My passion is writing romantic stories that dive deep into my character’s facade and peak into their dark spaces, their warped motives, and their innermost desires. 

I create characters that will make you alternately laugh, cry ugly bold tears, you may even want to toss your books (or kindles) across the room. You will in the end faithfully declare you have a new FBB (forever book boyfriend).

If you are up for this and I hope you are… then it is time for you to enter into this heartfelt, exhilarating experience. Don’t forget to keep a fan close by, I am sure you are going to need it along with some tissues.

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A Dark Hell Book 1

A Dark Hell Series

Hell's Warrior

When all hell breaks loose on Cornethius, the Prince of Darkness has to take matters into his own hands if he intends to save what is left of the
immortal realm.

Book 2

A Dark Hell Series

Hell's Guardian

When Liam learns that the corrupt Cornithians are out to kill the only living heir, he does everything he can to keep her safe. What happens, changes 
his world forever.


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ~ Plato

If you know me, you know I love music and how it conveys a level of inspiration that I bring to into my writing process, it’s unlike anything else.

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Hell's Warrior

Hell's Guardian

About Elle


Elle Rosse writes heartfelt romance novels. She writes in different genres including paranormal, contemporary, and erotic short story romance.   She has been writing romance for quite some time, even longer if you count the numerous stories she conjures up in her head that were never written.

Elle soon realized how much enjoyment she gets from writing about rough + tough alphas, who linger between being incurable yet savable, and the strong women who force them to feel.

When she is not writing she loves to read, listen to music, travel, and take photographs.  Elle grew up in the Dallas area, a place she considers her creative playground.

She loves to connect with readers, so don’t hesitate to email her at if you’d like to reach out. She’s also on Facebook & Instagram.

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My gift for you. Learn how Roy and Dana find love in an unforeseen entanglement
of desire and jealousy.


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